Infertility is hitting the world like a tsunami wave. Today, among ten, four couples are termed infertile. Female partner infertility, male partner infertility, both partner infertility, and unexplained infertility are the reasons for this.

What is infertility?

Infertility is an inability to conceive, it can be due to female's hormonal imbalance, blockage fallopian tubes, dysfunction of ovaries or uterus, or the issues in male partner's semen, hormones of reproductive organs. Infertility can be caused by stress, any past treatment, genetics, diseases, disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, and more. There's also a term 'unexplained infertility', it means that even after having all test done and nothing significant found or after curing the diagnosed infertility issue still remains, the couple might not be able to get pregnant. This can happen because infertility is a vast and growing issue, with time, discoveries are being made for more causes of infertility. So unexplained infertility is the type of infertility that hasn't been discovered yet.

Today, most couples are infertile because of stress and lifestyle. There are few cases compared to this where a couple has another reason. In females there's an exception as PCOS/PCOD is a growing reason behind female infertility (One in every ten women is experiencing it). Infertility due to stress and lifestyle can be treated in relatively easier and non surgical ways. It requires taking care of your mental health, taking proper medications, rest, and some major/minor changes in your life.

We do all treatment of infertility except IVF.We provide IUI treatment and conduct female reproductive tumour removal surgeries, and many other fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeries.

IUI treatment is also known as Intrauterine Insemination. In this, the sperm is collected, and placed directly inside the uterus. This is done when either male sperm mobility or vitality is low or due to cervical mucus problems or there's a cervical scar tissue. It's safe and can also be used in case of unexplained infertility.