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Women and Child Wellness Development

Being healthy is having good physical health and mental condition. Whereas, term wellness means remaining in the state of good health as an actively pursued goal. Apart from being free from illness, wellness looks forward to increasing the quality of life by self-work. It's about making conscious decisions regarding what is good for us and what's not. There are eight dimensions of wellness:

  • Emotional/Mental - To indulge in stress management and other self-care activities. The aim is to control your emotions and keep them in check.
  • Environmental - To check your surroundings where you spend your time most. Apart from dust and dirt, keeping them organized and clear for healthy thoughts.
  • Financial - It deals with financial management. Most people feel stress because of financial transactions only (loss, expense, earnings, more).
  • Intellectual- People who feel happy and confident with their bodies seem to perform better in their work. Our thoughts and ideas evolve with our state of the body.
  • Occupational- Today satisfaction is highly linked with your career. You need to be aware of the contributions you are making in your career.
  • Physical- It revolves around the term healthy. Taking rest, exercising, eating enough and such practices that help you in attaining and remaining fit and fine status.
  • Social- It is all about relationship building and your satisfaction in them. Friendship, Family, Love, Colleague, and more, all types of social engagements and relationships are considered in this.
  • Spiritual- Here spiritual can be a religion, or it can also be finding your sense of purpose. Every human seeks its purpose and reason for their existence. Here we talk about satisfaction and calmness, which can either be through relaxation, meditation, religion, and such practices.

Women Wellness

A woman has to go through several changes in her life. They can be hormonal, physical, mental, social, and more. Women have also started building their career which also increases one more responsibility on them. Today women's development is a trending issue, not only women empowerment but overall women's wellness. Often they forget to take care of themselves amidst the multiple roles they are fulfilling. Internationally, statistics prove that after marriage and/or childbirth, women tend to get overweight and stressed because of a busy schedule. In first world countries, many gynecology centers have evolved to be an overall women development center.

Children Wellness

Child growth and development are currently most talked about topics. Schools have no doubt extended their efforts in terms of academics and sports but child development is more diverse than this. Apart from financial and occupational child development consists of the rest six dimensions of wellness. Schools and pediatricians together can also look after most but not all dimensions of child wellness. As in the case of women, first world countries have started developing children wellness programs to ensure child growth and development.

At Mahin, we have enrolled in two innovative and effective programs:

  • WWW (Women Wellness World) - As the name suggests it aims women wellness. With this, we have added nutrition, counseling, and other medical services with our experienced and expert gynecologist.
  • Bloomeroo- It's a child wellness program. It includes nutrition, counseling, growth & development tracker, anthropometric growth monitoring, and more.

With these programs and extra efforts, we are aiming to provide complete women and child development services.