Laparoscopic Surgery

Minimally invasive technique of surgeries. It’s one of the latest and growing procedures, small incisions are made in this instead of open surgery. Less time is required for recovery and a scar less surgery.

Piles, Fissures, Fistula Surgery

These are all related to pelvic and specifically anal region. Our doctors have attained expertise and vast experience in these kinds of treatments, be rest assured.

Hernia Surgery

Hernia can be caused by various reasons and can be of various types. It’s basically an abnormal exit of a tissue or an organ through the walls of cavity it normally resides in.

Breast Surgery

Apart from cancer or a disease today, females undergo breast surgery for shaping and sizing. Following are the types of breast surgeries we do:

Vaginal Surgery

Childbirth or weakened walls/muscles are the main reason for vaginal surgeries. Following are the surgeries we provide:


It is an addition to OB-Gyn, urology is concerned with urinary organs too. Urinary organs may get displaced, infected, or can even have tumours. Following are the surgeries we provide:

Cancer Surgery

Today, almost every part of a human’s body can have cancer. Cancer is nothing but an abnormal growth of cells, which cause tumour and release poisonous enzymes. Following are types of cancer treatments we provide:

Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid gland is placed in our throat, at the front of the windpipe. The butterfly-shaped organ release the hormones called thyroid. These hormones complement growth stimulating hormones, so either excess or shortage of them is a concern for the body's normal growth.


It is an inability for a couple to conceive. Infertility due to stress & lifestyle has simple non surgical ways of treatment (and it is most common). It only requires following changes in lifestyle, exercise, meditation, and few prescribed medicines. Apart from this we have the following treatments for infertility.


Ultrasonography (USG) can be used for infertility (observing ovaries), foetus health, and more pregnancy or female reproductive organs related issues. Following are the type of test we provide:


It revolves around finding the cause and effects of diseases. It is necessary before treatment, before surgery, or to find the, or even sometimes in general checkup. It’s a vast branch and following are the tests we provide: